Tuesday, July 8, 2014

RV Troubles

Port Clinton, Ohio High 79 Low 64

This morning we woke up to rain. We had to go to Fremont to pick up some meds for Cindy at Wal-Mart. On the way, the rain came down in bucket fulls. It was so bad that I turned the truck lights from auto to on. I needed fuel and the fuel station at Wal-Mart had it for $3.679 and would give 10 cent a gallon of with a Wal-Mart gift card. So I went back and bought a gift card. $3.579 is the least I have paid for diesel forever.

We saw a road side vegetable stand on the way back. The thing that caught my eye was a sign saying sweet corn. The proprietor told me it was from southern Ohio. It probably wasn't quite as good as if it had been local and fresh, but was still very good.

When we got back our Norcold fridge was beeping and the read out said Li Op. When I looked up in the owners manual what that meant, I found out it was the high limit open, and that it wasn't owner serviceable. I checked what I could with my meter and found the limit wasn't open, but I still had a red light on the Norcold recall box. This owner checked it out in spite of Norcold's recommendation.

I called the closest dealer in Fremont, Young RV, and the man I talked to told me what do to try to fix it. I had to go back to Fremont anyway, so I stopped at the RV place and they informed me that there have actually been three different type of boxes put on, and I probably had one of the older ones.

He also told me that the high limit is for propane and probably the problem was caused by something else. I told him about all the rain and wind we had and he felt like the box probably got destroyed by all the rain. I did find a lot of water in the outside fridge compartment. We are running on electric so I'm sure we are OK.

He told me what I could do to get the fridge to work, but he stressed that he couldn't legally tell me to do it.

I will call a dealer near where we will be in New York so they can get the parts in. I also found out that Norcold will not let the dealers stock any parts for the recall. They are ordered by model and serial numbers for each case. I don't think it is a very good system because what is someone like us supposed to do if something goes wrong, wait a week while the parts come in?

By the way, I highly recommend Young RV in Fremont, Ohio because he tried to help me over the phone, and again when I went in to talk to them. I wasn't charged anything. Cindy says it was because for a long time I would try to help people fix their furnaces and air conditioners over the phone. She says "what goes around, comes around". Maybe so.

Right now it is very windy with the sun shinning and the TV said there were tornados south of us. I guess our weather bad luck is still alive and well. Maybe one day it will get to be summer, or did we have it last year in Alaska? For any new readers, we had wonderful weather for the three months we were in Alaska last year with record dry days and record highs.

Maybe it will be a better day tomorrow for our sightseeing.

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  1. Those Norcold fridges have sure had their problems. So as long as you're on shore power and electric, the fridge will be okay, right? So far we've had beautiful weather. Got into the 90's today and we had to turn the air on this afternoon, but it cools off so nicely at night.

  2. We carry a portable cooler and have given it to people who had to use dry ice to keep things cold while waiting for parts for their fridges. Sounds like you'll be able to repair it with the right parts.

  3. Hopefully you will be able to get it fixed in NY when you get there.

    1. At this point, I'm not sure. Norcold wants the dealer to do a diagnosis before they will even send the part. Good customer service............NOT!

  4. We also have a Norcold and I can hardly wait until we can get a residential frig in here. It is on our to do list, but needs to be done where John has help. What's with Norcold anyway? Surely they can learn to produce a safe product.