Sunday, December 15, 2013

Trying to Schedule Itinerary

Riverton, Utah High 30 Low 25

Not much happening weather wise. Still cold and hazy.

We spent some time trying to get a schedule for Arizona the next two months. We would like to use our Coast to Coast as much as possible. So far we have decided on Lake Havasu City from about February 10th to 16th (During Winter Blast).

We plan on being in Quartzsite from the 13th through the 26th of January boondocking, either with the Boomers or the Montana Owners, except I have not been able to get any co-ordinates for the MOC group.  Sorry Sandi, but I don't seem to be able to find the Club web-site, only the discussion forum.

We haven't decided where to stay on the way to Quartzsite, but probably either St. George or the Casino in Mesquite. From there we can stay at Bullhead City.

We would like to go to Algadones after Quartzite for dental cleaning and meds. There is a Coast to Coast resort in Yuma, but it looks like I waited too long to book the stay. Tonight there were only 3 days available when we want to be there, which isn't a big thing, because we could always stay at the Casino by Algodones.

After Havasu we want to go to the Mesa area and spend some time there.

We need to be home to do taxes by the end of March, so we have about a month open. At this time, I'm open to suggestions, but we wouldn't want to go too far, as we do need to be back. I haven't seen much of New Mexico, so that is a possibility. Again, any suggestions would be welcome.

After taxes, we will probably head southeast and have no set course. We do want to be in New England and possibly Eastern Canada in the summer. Lobster in Maine sounds mighty appetizing.

I know it's a hard life, but somebody has to do it. LOL

That's about it for the day, thanks for visiting.


  1. Looks like there is a possibility that we might run into you in Q if you are around Sandie. Maine lobster? Hummmm, sounds good.

  2. Ray - it is the forum where you need to go. Then scroll down and follow the links I gave you. You'll end up at the Rally Calendar for 2014. Click on the link in the list of rallies for January circle. That's where you sign up. I'm not sure there are any coordinates posted but it's on Plomosa Road and they have a sign out on the main road. Also if you message John, he'll answer any questions you have. Of course, the Boomers also have a great time in Q. So no matter where you go you'll have fun.