Sunday, December 8, 2013

Letter from Santa December 8, 2013

Riverton, Utah High 21 Low 7

Devon and Sissy (Alyssia) got a letter from Santa Claus at North Pole, Alaska. They were quite excited to get it. The letter encouraged them to stay on the good list. I hope they do.
Devon and Sissy with their mother.

You can see how much Devon likes his Jazz shirt. He wears it a lot.

Yesterday Devon got to play his first basketball game in the Jr. Jazz program. He and his team played hard, but still lost by 6 points. He was very disappointed, but the coach told him it was good to see him try until the end. He also said he was seeing improvement in all the boys.

Cindy got her new laptop. It is a Dell with solid state drive. I think she will like it better than her old one, which didn't have enough hard-drive. It also is supposed to be a lot faster.

Tomorrow I go to see my Doctor about the colonoscopy. I'm sure he will tell me I have to go through it again in three years, since they found polyps. I can only hope he doesn't send me to the vampires, but he usually does. I guess I shouldn't complain, because he's only trying to make sure I stay healthy. I probably will also get a flu shot since I haven't had one this year.

Cindy has been using the recline board, which seems to give her back some relief, even if it's only for a couple of hours. A friend that has one says he must use it quite often to see lasting results.

There's not much else happening, so thanks for visiting.

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