Monday, December 23, 2013

Blowing Snow (the four letter word).

Riverton, Utah High 39 Low 28

Quite a bit warmer today. Warm enough that the snow was melting, so I decided to get the snow blower out to clean off the drive ways. I got most of it done, and it was still melting.

Worked on Devon's Christmas present for about 2 hours. It is supposed to have 350 pounds of sand for ballast, but has to be put in through a 2 inch hole. I got 300 pounds of it in before I gave up. I also found I had put one of the springs on wrong and had to redo it, but got it done. The other 50 pounds of sand will probably have to wait till Christmas.

After that I made a cover for a 2 X 6 I had put in one of the sofa's in the fiver to make it so I didn't feel like I was falling out of the seat. It felt like you were leaning forward when you sat down. I cut the 2 X 6 the width of the sofa, tapered the back half and then put black upholstery fabric on the part that showed. I think it looks much nicer, and feels much better to sit in.

Tomorrow I'm going to breakfast with 2 of my daughters. Cindy got recruited to watch kids, as our daughter's daycare is not open tomorrow

Sorry no pictures today, thanks for visiting.


  1. S*&%$.....just do not like that stuff. Have fun at breakfast with the daughters.

  2. I am so glad to be down here in the valley with no sign of that white stuff. I think it's neat that you're going to have a daddy/daughter date. Enjoy.