Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Slow Day

Riverton, Utah High 39 Low 28

A little bit warmer today, but really hazy. We are supposed to get in a storm which is supposed to clear out the air. I certainly hope so.

Today we went to a Christmas lunch at one of my old wholesalers. They had BBQ beef sandwiches and a frozen chocolate pie that were very good. Again it was good to see another group of my old acquaintances (read competitors).  Cindy and I had been on several cruises put on by this company, so we re-met a lot of old faces.

Afterward we went to several quilt store looking for a quilting template she needs for one of the quilts she wants to do. No one seemed to carry the one she wanted, so when I got home, I found it on the website. They are located in Salt Lake, so we hope to have it by Christmas.

Tonight I took Devon to the school for basketball practice and he seems to really enjoy playing basketball.

Not much else going on, thanks for visiting.

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