Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Displays December 12, 201

Riverton, Utah High 30 Low 10

It was not quite so cold today, but didn't make freezing like was predicted. It is still cold at night.

We decided to go to Salt Lake City so we could go to Trader Joe's to buy a few things to take with us on our trip to Arizona next month. We like the one in Las Vegas, but thought it might be a little hard to get into with the fiver, so Salt Lake without the trailer was a better choice. We did buy a few things that we found to take with us.

We were right next door to a display, decorating store (Modern Display) so decided to go see all their Christmas decorations. They have a lot of trees decorated for Christmas. They also have a lot of undecorated trees, including a Charlie Brown tree.

This reminded me of the tree Charlie Brown got for Christmas.

They also have a lot of  Department 56 displays, Including one of Whoville complete with the Grinch. There was a Peanuts display, along with several alpine towns.

Nice, but  for $5500.00 we'll have to wait!

We always have liked Lladro figurines, although we don't have any. One set with a lot of small flowers was selling for $5500.00, so you can see why we don't own any.

Christmas is only a little less than 2 weeks away, and then we can get serious about our trip to Arizona.

I spent most of yesterday on the quilting machine. Cindy is having me do a quilt with 7 different rose patterns on it. I think it is turning out nice, but will wait to post pictures when I'm through.

That's about all that's going on, so thanks for visiting.

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