Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More Snow December 3, 2013

My view this morning.

Riverton, Utah High 27 Low 18

It's cold and snowy. We had to go to Salt Lake this morning. I 15 was a mess, but coming home it was a lot worse.

This afternoon I got the snow blower out and cleaned our sidewalk, but by tonight you can hardly tell it was cleaned.

This evening I went with Devon to a cub scout presentation. They were giving out all the cub scout awards. Devon got what seemed like quite a few. He has been really shy, but one of the scout leaders told me that he seems to be opening up more, and not being so shy.

One of the cub scout leaders dressed up like an Indian for some of the presentations.
We are supposed to get more snow overnight, and it is supposed to be getting a lot colder tomorrow night.

Cindy has been busy working on her scrappy quilts, and seem to stay busy. We are trying to get things together to head south and get out of all this cold and snowy weather. Only a little over three weeks to go.

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  1. Way to go Devon. I know how hard you have to work to get those badges. Not sure coming south is going to warm you up. It's going to be cold here - we have a freeze watch on here in AJ. But no snow!!!