Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lots of the Four Letter Word

Riverton, Utah High 36 Low 23

It snowed all day. This is the most snow we have had in the valley for quite a while. It is also the wettest. (Why are we still here? Oh yes, because of Christmas.) I would like to be where there is no snow. We went out and shoveled and snow blew about 6 inches of the white stuff off our side walks and driveway at about 3:30 this afternoon. The snow is letting up, but is supposed to continue until at least 3:00 AM.


I put some pictures of some of the quilts we saw yesterday. I also put some pictures of a Christmas display by one of the stores.
These quilts are some of our favorites.

Cindy wanted to go to Jo-Ann's this morning, but after driving a little way and the roads were so bad, we decided Jo-Ann's could wait a day for us.

This quilt is called Santa Pause. Cindy has this pattern, but hasn't started it yet.

This display was in Midvale by one of the quilt stores.
I mentioned a slide problem we were having a while ago. I changed out the solenoid, but the problem seemed to be getting worse. I called the dealer we bought the 5er from, and he suggested I call Lippert's technical department and see what they thought the problem could be. The tech told me that Montana put an auto reset breaker on the feed line for the solenoid and they did seem to get weaker after while. He explained that the more they tripped, the more and easier they trip. After testing what he said to test, it seemed to be the problem. I found one in Salt Lake for $5.00 and put it on. It seems to have corrected the problem. I called the tech back and told him what I found, and he said he very seldom hears when someone finds the problem. I then told him I appreciated his help

This breaker was hidden by the batteries.
As I write this post, the snow seems to have let up some, and the forecast is for sun tomorrow followed by another storm on Saturday. Enough of the four letter word already. We are hoping the family Christmas party Saturday doesn't get cancelled.

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