Monday, September 22, 2014

Quilt Stores and Penny

Front Royal, Virginia High 70 Low 45

Today started out cloudy and cool. By noon the clouds had gone away but it didn't get too warm and is supposed to be cool tonight.

Today we drove to Woodstock, Virginia to check out a quilt store. Unfortunately the person selling and making quilts had died about two years ago and so they had very little fabric to look at. But the man running the store told us about a new store not too far south of him and we went to check it out.

Cindy found some Disney material that she has been thinking about using to make a quilt for our grand-daughter, and the price was right. And to make things even better, the shop had a frequent buyer card. Cindy bought enough material, that the lady gave her 2 yards free.

We were going to do some more of the Skyline Drive, but the day seemed to get away from us. If we had gone, we would have had to postpone Penny's shot, so we decided that was more important.

This morning I made an appointment for Penny to have her last puppy shot for 4:30. We got back to town early and since we were driving by, we decided to see if the vet could take Penny early. They were able to and it saved us a trip later. They weighed Penny, took her temperature, and listened to her heart. She has gained a little weight since her last exam and they told us every thing seemed normal. She then got her shot, which she did not like at all.

She still needs her rabies shot, but this vet said the other vet was correct when he told us they shouldn't be given at the same time. He suggested 2 weeks. The first vet said before she is 6 months old, so now I don't know when to have it done.

The vet answered a lot of our questions and I liked him.

Right now she is running around like crazy, so so far she hasn't had any ill effects from the shot.

Sorry I don't have any pictures tonight.

Thanks for visiting.

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