Sunday, September 7, 2014

Old Friend

York, Pennsylvania High 77 Low 57

It was a lot cooler today and didn't have all the humidity. It was nice outside.

Last night Cindy got a phone call from a number that neither one of us recognized. When she first talked to the man on the other end she acted a little apprehensive, then she perked up. It turned out to be the son of an old high school friend from Hawaii. They have only seen each other once since high school.

She has been trying to find Cindy and had her son, who still lives in Utah see what he could do. They finally tracked down Cindy's mom and got our phone number.

Cindy was really excited to hear from her and when her friend called back, Cindy found out she lives in Tampa, Florida, and  promised to visit her when we get there. We wanted to go to Orlando, so I don't think it is too far out of the way and I know Cindy would like to see her old friend again after all those years.

I don't have any pictures today. We plan on going out sightseeing tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting.

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