Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Laid Back Day

Front Royal, Virginia High 81 Low 57

We had a very laid back day. We had found out yesterday that there would be a farmer’s market in town and we went to it. We also got a few pictures of the old houses by the Farmer's Market.

We bought a large tomato and some green beans.

There was also a flea market, so we went to it to see what they had. Cindy soon found one of the vendors selling Coldwater Creek necklaces. It was brand new and marked retail for $45.00. She got it for $7.00. It is a very pretty necklace and she is happy with it.

We also stopped at a couple of yard sales, but didn't find anything we wanted.

This evening we decided to have a fire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows.
While we were cooking we happened to notice someone’s pet about 6 campsites from us. It is something we have never seen in a campground before.

Cindy saw it first and asked me if it was what she thought it was. When I looked, it was what it looked like. It was busy scratching in the dirt.

We are in Virginia mostly to relax and today was a good start.

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