Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Penny and Brakes

York, Pennsylvania High 75 Low 63

This morning we had an appointment with a vet to get Penny checked and get her final distemper shot. He weighed her and upon looking at the dates of her other shots, he told us it has been less than 2 weeks since her second one, and we should wait two weeks before having her last one. He told us to wait until she is about 6 months old to get her rabies shot.

He told us to start giving her something for ticks and heart-worm, especially since we are headed south. He weighed her and she weighs 2 1/2 pounds. And after talking to us for about 10 minutes, he only charged us $10.00. I was expecting more, but was glad for the good price.

We got there early and Cindy wanted some pictures of the old home next to the vets office. We found out later that it was his home and that we were welcome to take as many pictures as we liked.

When we got back with Penny, since it was such a nice day, I wanted to check one of the brakes on the trailer that I had found had fallen apart. When I got it opened up, the springs were mostly ruined, the adjusting cable was gone, and it looked like the grease seal was leaking. I tried to get parts in York, but was unsuccessful, and called a RV dealer by Lancaster. He had the parts I needed and his price wasn't too bad, so we drove to the dealer and bought the parts.

On the way Cindy got some pictures of an old bridge that parallels the bridge we were on.

Penny had to check things out.

After we got back, I put the new parts on the trailer and hopefully we have better brakes. They have been a little weak with only 3 wheels working.

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  1. She's so cute. We keep our girls on heart worm and flea and tick meds year round. She's so tiny. Four brakes are definitely better than three.

  2. I can't believe that Vet only charged you $10. Penny was probably well behaved and that had something to do with the bill.

    1. She didn't say a thing during the exam, no fuss, no whimpering.

  3. That is one tiny pooch. I imagine you feel more safe now that you have good brakes on your rig.

    1. I feel better with all the brakes working.