Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Few Reflections

Pequea, Pennsylvania High 82 Low 63

We are just relaxing today. It is partly cloudy and a little more humid than we are used to, but is a nice day.

I have had comments about the Amish puppy mills and would like to respond. I have heard of puppy mills, but had no idea the Amish were famous for having them. When we went to pick up Penny, the little Amish girl played with her on the lawn for a little while and said her goodbyes. She told us that Penny liked to chew. When we went to leave she kissed Penny goodbye. Because of the chewing, we bought her a little stuffed lamb she could chew on and also got her some small rawhide chews, which she seems to really enjoy.  We had to get a spray bottle filled with water to stop her from chewing things she shouldn't. After we got her, I called the vet that had just checked her before we bought her and was told that she didn't need to be checked again until she is 3 months old and at that time she will need her final shot and also her rabies shot. We will have that done while we are in York next week. She will be three months old on the 10th.  I did look up Amish puppy mills on goggle, and it really is kind of sad the way the dogs are treated.

Right now we are the only one of two RVs in the part of the Park we are in, so we have been taking Penny on walks with us without a leash and she follows right behind either one of us. Because of her short little legs we have to walk a lot slower, but she is fun to be with and fun how devoted she seems to be to either one of us.

Penny has had no accidents since the second day we got her and we left her for about 4 hours and it was our fault and we knew it. Since then we have left her for 4 or 5 hours and she waits until we get back and I take her out to do her business. The only bad part is the 5 AM waking, but that even is tolerable. No more sleeping in. She wants us to play with her several times a day and runs around like mad, and then she goes to sleep for a while so we are not concerned about any health issues.

Cindy is making some Christmas blocks today. These blocks will be used in one of the several quilts she is working on.

We finally were able to have a campfire tonight. While we were outside two ducks came begging and Cindy said the people that were next to us fed them, so they were looking for a handout. We have seen them several nights. I decided to take some pictures of the creek and campground and am putting some pictures on.

The ducks are bigger than Penny but seemed to afraid of her.

I saw 2 humming birds that acted like they were trying to find a place to roost for the night, but wasn't able to get their picture.

We are leaving here for York, where we plan on staying for a week, before we go to Gettysburg. This Park is nice and quiet now that the Holiday weekend is over, but it will be nice to have full hookups again.

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  1. I had no idea that Penny was trained. Well trained and cute. You got the best of both worlds.

    1. We thought we would have more problems with her, so I guess we are lucky. Another thing, the only time she barks is when we are playing.

  2. Your little Penny is so cute and it's just wonderful that she seems to have been one of the lucky ones and came from a caring family. I want to pass along some advice about vaccines, especially for small breed dogs. Dr. Jean Dodds has, for years, worked to revise the formally standard vaccine schedule in dogs: in the old days, vaccines were given every year. Dr. Dodds and her colleagues have shown that this is not needed, in fact can be harmful, and now the veterinary colleges (and most vets) have adopted her recommended vaccination protocol. She also strongly recommends that the Rabies vaccine be given at least 3 weeks AFTER the distemper-parvo booster. I have seen some horrific auto-immune responses in small breed puppies when they get the vaccines at the same time. Rabies is often a difficult vaccine for small dogs to tolerate anyhow. Here is a link to Dr. Dodds protocol She is a wonderful person and a wonderful vet and quite literally helped to save my puppies lives when they were orphaned at birth. She provided me with guidance on getting them immunity and a modified vaccine schedule. Can't wait to see more photos of fluffy Penny.
    Lynn, Kingston NY