Saturday, September 6, 2014

Flea Market

York, Pennsylvania High 90 Low 64

This morning we wanted to go to a farmer’s market which was about 3 miles south-west of us. It was held Saturday and Sunday. We found the Farmer’s market, but it was also with a giant flea market. They had everything imaginable. There was a large meat market and we saw pig’s ears for sale. This was something we have never seen before, and were told they were for dogs to chew on. They also had giant dog bones that were larger than Penny. One booth had pickled eggs with a beet flavor. They also had other flavors. Again, something we hadn't seen before. We have seen signs that said pretzel sandwiches and we wondered what they were. We found out at the flea market. It is made from pretzel dough and shaped into round patties. One more thing we haven’t seen before. We feel like that is part of traveling to different parts of the country to see new (to us) things.

We looked around for a little while and ended up finding some vegetables for a good price, which we had for dinner tonight.

On the way to the flea market, we saw a sign that said community yard sale. We checked out a lot of them, and Cindy found a really pretty Lenox bowl with little hearts hanging inside a little larger hearts around the outside near the top. She got it for $2.00 and we were curious how much it was worth, so we looked on the internet and found it for $50.00. It was a good deal.
It was extremely hot and muggy this afternoon and we had brief thundershowers to add to the humidity problem. We are from the desert and are not handling all the humidity very well. It is supposed to get lot cooler for the next few days.

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  1. Such a pretty bowl
    great find.

  2. So sorry we missed you guys!! I know I can't see it all in one trip, but I sure wish we had more time to spend in each place. We will be at the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque and at Quartzsite, then on to the Northwest. Nice purchase by the way!!!