Friday, July 26, 2013

Soldotna, Alaska July 26, 2013

I have included the missing pictures from last night. I hope you enjoy them.

Combat dip netters?

The dip netters live in their tents on the beach while fishing.

The private air strip from yesterday.


Today we decided to go for a ride to the end of Funny River Road which runs beside the RV Park we are staying in. Cindy felt a little better and wanted to get out for a while. The road is about 17 miles long and ends just past the Funny River (yes, that is its real name). There is lots of beautiful scenery. We saw several large fields filled with Fireweed.

We were trying to find a view of the river, when I saw what I thought was a moose eating by a house. There were actually two moose. We drove up to them and they started to get nervous. When I shut the truck off and we didn't get out, they settled down and went on eating. We sat there for a while watching them and taking lots of pictures. At one time they were about 20 feet from the truck. When we decided to go and started the truck, they did get nervous and went into the woods.

A face only a mother could love.

 We stopped so Cindy could get some pictures of the large fields of Fireweed. We then drove into the Funny River Campground to get Cindy a view of the Kenai River. There were some fishermen, but they said they weren't getting any fish. We also saw a mother duck with her large babies. Cindy got some good pictures.
The Kenai River is wide at this spot.

This evening I decided to try fishing again, but didn't do very well. I caught a small one by the back, but it got off. I also got one so small that if I had 20 more like it, I might have a can of sardines. I finally got my hook stuck on a rock and decided I had enough fun for one night.

Cindy is feeling better, but admits she is still not ready to travel. Thanks for viewing.

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  1. How cool to be able to sit and watch the Moose. I hope to get to Alaska some day.