Thursday, July 11, 2013

Soldotna, Alaska, July 11, 2013

This morning we had a doctors appointment for Cindy at 9:00. She still was having a hard time getting in and out of the truck, but we made it. The doctor said that because she was still the same, he felt like the what used to be cortisone shot was appropriate. He had told us that now they use a different medication that is a lot safer and if needed, she can have more of the injections. So we let him go ahead. He told us it might take a couple of days to see any results, so we are hoping for the best.

Cindy has a follow up visit with the doctor next Monday, and I will let you know how that goes.

I went out and tried fishing for a while, but where I was at least, there weren't very many being caught. The numbers in the Kenai River have gone up, but nowhere near what they will be when the run gets into full swing. One of the problems is that there isn't much bank because the river is so high, and that could be a problem when they do start.

Again sorry that the post is so short, but thanks for visiting.

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  1. I sometimes get really tired of being sick when travelling.... I've had so much medical stuff that it has severely limited our motorhoming... So it is with understanding and concern, that we have our fingers crossed that Cindy can get beyond this hiccup in the road.... Maybe in the meantime the fishing will pick up.... Rod