Saturday, July 13, 2013

Soldotna, Alaska July 13, 2013

Today started out cloudy and a little cool. By noon the sun came out and it warmed up nicely. Not too much to report on Cindy, except she says she feels better all the time. I bought some steaks for dinner, and had her get up. She seemed to have a bit of a hard time getting to the table, but after she got there she seemed to do OK. She wanted to play a couple of hands of Rummy and managed to beat me a little each hand. The two hands were all she could do, but that’s still an improvement over what she’s been doing the last week.

The Fireweed has been blooming a little this last week and I wanted to get her some pictures of it. A week has made a lot of difference in how many are in bloom.

I also drove up to the beach at Kenai so I could get some pictures of the mountains across the Cook Inlet. There is a lot of snow on them. There is also a picture of the bluffs above Kenai. This afternoon was a good time for some more pictures.

The numbers on the salmon are still down and I watched the fishermen for a while. Nobody seems to be catching any, where I’m watching at least, but all the locals say it will get better. I can only hope. I did talk to some of the Alaskans that have been dip-netting , and they say they are doing pretty good. I told them I couldn't dip-net, and they asked me why. I told them "Utah" and then they understood. You have to be a resident of Alaska to do any dip-netting.  We couldn't go anywhere with Cindy’s back the way it is, so all I can do is wait for the fish to come up the River.

I guess that’s it for the day. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. When the last blooms on the fire weed on top bloom, the natives think that summer is over... Its an old wives tale but not too far wrong just the same...