Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Soldotna, Alaska Day 61-62 July 3, 2013

Yesterday it rained a lot of the day and we pretty much stayed in working on one of Cindy’s quilts. Later in the afternoon I decided to try fishing again, but it rained on me and after I got wet and cold, I gave it up without catching anything. The big second run is supposed to start toward the end of next week, so the salmon fishing will have to wait until we come back from Homer. The plan now is to leave here Saturday morning, and go to Ninilchik for a few days and then got to Homer for the balance of next week.

We plan on going halibut fishing at Ninilchik on a charter boat. We will be using a two for one coupon out of the Alaska Tour Saver book.

 This was made from lots of small pieces to make the picture.

 Some of the flowers growing at the Green House.

The flowers get huge here.

Carved front door at one of the shops.

 This was the quilt that started all the talk about a new embroidery machine.

Today we went to a quilt hop here in Soldotna. The object is to visit 13 establishments, and look at the quilts displayed there. The stores were not all quilt stores. There was a Greenhouse, jewelry stores, some gift shops with very high end gifts for sale. The reason for the quilt hop was to get people to visit some of the different types of merchants in Soldotna. In our case it seemed to work. One of the stores was a sewing machine store. We had seen a quilt in Fairbanks that got Cindy thinking about a new embroidery machine with a larger hoop. We had talked about her buying the new machine after we got home, but the store here gave us such a good deal, that we couldn’t turn it down. The price here saved us about $1500.00 over the one in Salt Lake. They also gave her $300.00 worth of patterns for free. I thought it was a good enough price that we both thought that this was the time to buy it.

We both thought it was interesting that here in Alaska, when the cities put up fireworks for the 4th of July; they start at 12:01 AM on the fourth. The reason being that it is not dark enough before midnight to see them very well, and if they waited till midnight the night of the fourth, they would actually be setting them off on the fifth.

Tomorrow we are going to a parade in Kenai. After we have been invited to a barbecue, but we will have to see what the weather brings.

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