Friday, July 19, 2013

Soldotna, Alaska July 19, 2013

Look at all the Fireweed in the background.
The fishing for the last few days has been very good. I have caught my limit for the last four days. Each of the last three days well over 100,000 fish have come up the Kenai River. If anything the combat fishing is getting worse. There are lots of people fishing, no matter where I go. I tried one place and after a 20 minute wait I found a place I could get in the river. The only problem was almost every cast I got hung up in the rocks. I tried fishing for about an hour, and finally lost my hook and sinkers for the fifth time, and gave up and went somewhere else.

They line up about 10 feet apart.

Here is someone catching a fish.
 As of midnight tonight the limit on fish goes from 3 to 6. I guess I’ll see if I can still catch the limit or find a place to fish.

 I have included these pictures of the dip net the Alaskans get to use. They measure four feet across. The residents here get to catch 25 fish for head of household plus 10 more for every member of their family per year. They also are able to catch the same amount as anyone else with fishing poles.

This afternoon I guess I was so tried (all the fishing wears me out) that I fell asleep. I slept for about an hour before I woke up.

Cindy’s back seems to be getting better every day, and her spirits seem to be getting more upbeat. Today for the first time in almost two weeks, she went for a small walk. After dinner tonight, she wanted to go for another small walk, so we are seeing some improvement.

This evening some of our friends from church brought us over rhubarb cake and ice cream.  We enjoyed visiting with them for a little while. They asked if we felt the earthquake at about 2:00 am last night. We hadn't, but they said it shook things for a little while. They also told us that about 3 weeks ago there were 3 bears wandering around town. We thought that it was interesting. Alaska really is wild country.

I guess that’s about all for the day. Thanks for visiting.

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