Thursday, June 16, 2016

We Made It To Washington

Ilwaco, Washington      High 63 Low 46

Monday and Tuesday it rained most of the time. Yesterday was nice, but we had some rain during the night.

Today we had a pleasant drive from Wheeler to Ilwaco. On the way here we went through a small part of Astoria and then drove over the Columbia River Bridge. The bridge is 4 miles long and we had road construction which made us wait for a while at the highest point on the bridge where they had traffic down to one lane. Toward the Washington side, we saw lots of fishermen with their boats right near the bridge.

The Astoria Tower.
It's a long way across the River.
There is lots of pretty scenery along the Oregon coast but it has been kind of cold for the whole time we have been here. I must have got too used to Arizona.

We are at the Eagle’s Nest RV Resort. We are here with Coast to Coast. There are two different sections (actually 3, but the 3rd section is closed at this time). We are in the first section, which has very narrow sites, but we took it because Cindy is using crutches to get around and felt it would be better. She is doing better. I walked up to the second section and all the sites are nice and wide with pine trees between each site. They are a lot nicer but with Cindy the way she is, we still think it is better where we are. The part we are in has grass in the sites and is more like a parking lot.
Very tight sites.
There is a nice, large Club House near where we are and is where we checked in.
We plan on being here for a week, but we may have to leave early. Cindy called Linda and their Mom isn’t doing too well, so our plans might have to change.

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