Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Oops, One More Quilt Store

Neskowin, Oregon

We are still at the Neskowin Creek RV Resort, at least for tonight. Tomorrow we are heading a little north, about 55 miles, to Rockaway Beach. The RV Park there isn’t as nice as here, but there are no bunnies to bother Penny. She has kind of learned that she can’t catch them, but still tries to sneak up on them. At least she’s has quit whining to go chase them.

Yesterday I took her to the nearby beach and let her run off leash. She had a good time running around and rolling in the sand. She didn’t know it earned her a bath after we got back and wasn’t too happy about that.
She liked digging and rolling in the sand.
She really was flying.

Usually she stays closer to me, but got a little far away a couple of times. She always looks back to make sure I'm following.
The waves were coming in fairly high and with the sun shining we had some nice scenery.

You can sure see the mist from the waves.
Today we went to the quilt store (Penny and I) without Cindy. She still isn’t up to doing much traveling. I bought some pieces of batiks and a piece large enough for a back for one of Cindy’s Christmas tree lap quilts. The one I got for the back is covered with Pine trees and should do well for the quilt. Cindy wanted me to be sure and mention that she is not the only one buying material!
We have been to the Park we are going to before, but it was in the fall with not much going on. I’m hoping they have some activities this time.

This Saturday is the Sand Castle thing in Cannon Beach, but rain is predicted. I have wanted to go to it for a while and this year we are close enough. I hope it doesn’t get rained out.

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  1. A sand castle competition would be fun, hope you don't get rain too.

  2. Let Cindy know that I realize you both have an addiction problem. Lol. Hope your travel day goes well.

  3. Penny is just too darn cute!! Looks like she was having fun!! Cindy is probably having withdrawals, not being able to buy fabric! I sure hope she's up and around soon. You're getting close to some nice shops!!

  4. Did Penney enjoy the quilt store?