Thursday, June 2, 2016

This Park is Not Penny’s Favorite

Neskowin, Oregon          High 63 Low 54

Today we woke up to a light rain. It had rained a little all night. By noon it stopped, but is still foggy.

We left the RV Park on the Siletz River and drove about 25 miles to the Neskowin Creek RV Resort. For us it is a really nice park costing us $3.11 per day with cable and the electrical charge. We are here with Coast to Coast. We are here during what they told me was their peak season and there is a lot going on. Penny however is having a hard time with the Park. There are bunnies running around and she wants to chase them. She is driving me crazy trying to go outside, scratching on the door, and looking out the window whining. The problem is, I don’t know if she wants to go out to do her business or just to chase the bunnies.

Please Mom, I want to go out and chase the bunnies.

Yesterday I took Penny to a little Museum in Lincoln City. They had no problem with her in her doggie bag. The First floor has examples of what the early settlers to the area had to use. Lots of examples of late 19th century farm and home implements.

 First we went to the Glass making place next to the Museum and watched a glass ball being blown. They had lots of interesting glass.

Notice the date.

The second floor was devoted to the period from 1920 to late 1960s. I got a kick out of reading some of the menus and hotel charges. 1969 a hotel room was $12.00. An all you can eat dinner in 1968 was in the $2.00 range.

Breakfast 70 cents. Room $5.00

I want one of the 7 cent watermelons!

Sorry about the quality of this picture, but some of the first camping.

AAA has been around a long time.
$5.00 an hour probably was a fortune back then.

$12 room in 1969.
We will be at this Park for a week and will see how it goes with Cindy’s injury.

Thanks for visiting. 

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  1. Love those kind of Museum's hope Cindy gets better soon.