Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sand Castles

Rockaway Beach, Oregon             High 63 Low 48

It has rained here since we got here on Thursday. Today it finally quit. For a while. We are technically in Rockaway Beach, which is about 10 miles away, While Wheeler is only a mile and a half. We are staying at the Paradise Cove Resort, which is using the term Resort rather loosely. While it is OK, there are lots nicer places. The upper level with 50 amps has lots larger sites than the ones by the water.

I wanted to go to Cannon Beach to the Sandcastle Festival. Today is the day all the sand sculptures were made. They groups were divided into 4 different categories: pre-teen, Teen, Small sculptures, and Master Sculptures.

When I got to Cannon Beach, the parking was getting kind of scarce, but I finally found a place not too far from the beach. Cindy didn’t go with me, but Penny had to go. At first I had her on a long leash, but as they place got more crowded, I had to carry her in her dog bag. I was afraid she would get stepped on. Of course she liked meeting all the other dogs and was checking out everything, but she soon got tired of all the running around.

This is one of the holes for water and some of the sand for the sculptures. Penny wanted to help. 

It rained there later than in Wheeler and the sculptures got a late start. The final judging was supposed to be at 1:30 and was held off until after 2:00. There were several large holes dug in the sand for sand and to get water to make the sculptures.

It was interesting to watch how the sculptures were made. The taller ones had tar paper bound into several layers, which were wet and tamped. Then they started at the top and open up lower and lower layers, until they got through.
There weren't many people at first.
Lots of buckets for sand and water.

This is looking the other direction from the first picture. 

Hard to tell what this is going to be?
These were sculpted by a group of Pug (dog) owners.
 The younger kids did these.

The crowds were getting thicker.

 My favorite group was several sculptures from Alice In Wonderland. At first it was hard to tell just what they were making, but after while it became easier and easier to see what they were carving.

Can you see the Cheshire cat?

Now you see him!
In the distance, I could see the lighthouse sitting on an island.
I took enough pictures that Cindy could tell the sculpting process, and I’m glad I got to see how it was done. I have so many pictures, that I have decided to have an other post with some more.

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  1. We went to one in FLoria and I was amazed at the talent.

  2. Those are just too cool. I tried it once ... lots of hard work and you need the ability to "see" what you want to carve in the sand. I'm lacking in that department. Glad to see Penny having a good time!!!

  3. They were just finishing up one when we were in Corpus Christi.