Friday, June 24, 2016

Rain, Rain Go Away

Randle, Washington        High 63 Low 50

We had rain most of the night and again when we got up. Sometimes it’s light and sometimes it really comes down.

Since we thought we wouldn’t be able to do any sightseeing today, we decided to drive to the next town east for the free Row by Row pattern at the quilt store there. The store is part of a liquor store and when we asked about it the lady said it started out as the liquor store and got expanded into the quilting. Cindy said she hoped a person didn’t do both at the same time and the lady replied that a little wine brought out more creativity as long as you didn’t overdo. She told us that the liquor store pays the bills and the quilting is for fun.
Cindy, by the way, is doing a lot better. She has given up the crutches and just uses a cane now. She still has a little trouble getting into the truck, but seems to be managing.

I got some better pictures of the RV Park and some of the clouds on the mountain by us. From the pictures you can kind of get the layout of the Park. There is also a golf course which is part of the RV Park.

Our RV site.

Cindy’s mom is supposed to be doing better and so we decided to keep traveling and not go home yet. We are planning on visiting my daughter, Sabrina, at Sandpoint after we leave here.

As I type this the rain has started coming down hard again.

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  1. Interesting store, sounds like an enjoyable quilt store for

  2. Looks like that site isn't level. DO you still love your level ups?

    1. I really hadn't noticed. The Level-ups are the best thing since sliced bread.