Sunday, March 6, 2016

Riverton, Utah Trip

Yuma, Arizona       High 79 Low 50

I left Wednesday for a trip to Riverton, Utah for a quilt machine retreat. We spent 2 and a half days learning about the program on our quilt machines. It was a good class and I learned a lot about the programming on my machine. Hopefully I took good enough notes to be able to utilize some of them next time I quilt.

I guess I’ve got used to being warmer, as I was cold the whole time I was home. It got to about 60 with the low in the 30’s, which is about 20 degrees cooler than Yuma. Also it is supposed to snow there tonight. It was raining when we left for the airport early this morning.

I got a picture of the group that I had one of the people putting on the retreat take. All I can see of me is my shiny glasses in the back of the group. There were only 3 men there with about 30 ladies. Some of them didn’t have their machine yet, but wanted to see what it was all about. There were people from Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming. The teacher, Joan Knight, is from Arkansas. She is one of the people that helps design the new programs for Gammill. She sure knows the program, but went a little fast sometimes. But she did explain everything a little slower when we got to the question and answer sessions. 
Look for  the shiny glass at the back middle of the group.
Our teacher.

This is the main floor of the meeting building at the Riverton City Park. We were in the basement for most of it.
Joan also had an example of a quilt she designed from a picture of a stained glass window.
After the retreat got over Saturday afternoon, we celebrated Devon’s birthday. It was a little early, but they wanted to do it while I was there. He will be 11 next Wednesday. My sister-in-law, Linda, and my mother-in-law were there as well as some of the other family members. My mother- in –law seemed pretty weak.
Devon, the birthday boy.
Skyler enjoying his cake and ice cream (and cool whip).
The flight back to Yuma was delayed an hour in Phoenix, but went alright other than that. Cindy and Penny both seemed glad to have me back and I’m glad to be back.

I picked up all our tax stuff and plan on mailing it to our accountant so we can stay here a little longer than we were going to.

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  1. Looks like you had an interesting time away, learning the machine and experiencing some cooler weather, back to Yuma and warm up again. See you soon again.