Monday, February 29, 2016

Still Lots Going On

Yuma, Arizona     High 88 Low 59

An update on my tooth: after a week it feels a whole lot better.

We helped and one of the Concerts and later in the week there was a Mobster Dinner and Ball. Penny wouldn’t stop barking at one of the family’s that was all dressed up for it.  
We had friends from Riverton, Utah stop by last week. They had been to Algodones the day before and stopped by on their way back to Mesquite, where they spend the winter. We showed them our home and talked for a while. Bill told me about a taco stand on Fortuna Drive, owned by the same people that own the one in Algodones that we like so much. So we all went there and had shrimp Tacos. The same person we had in Algodones was running it and the tacos tasted every bit as good. Now we know where to get shrimp tacos without going into Mexico. After we ate, they left to head north.
The next day Ed and Barbara called and said they had made it to Yuma, so we went to their home on Saturday and visited for a while. Today he had a shipment coming in on Fed EX and asked if I would be able to help him pick it up and help unload it and I told him sure. This morning the shuffleboard tournament started and I didn’t know if I would be playing or not, but it turned out I got to play the 3rd game, which started at a little after one o’clock. Anyway we got Ed’s shipment picked up and unloaded in plenty of time to play shuffleboard. I am getting better at it.

Judy and Luke Rinehimer were in the Park (Cool Judy) and I got to visit with them for a while on Saturday. They left early this morning for a park closer to California.

Cindy ran into some Boomer friends of ours (Vince and Wendy Hall) at a Burger Bash here in this Park.

I am flying home to Riverton Wednesday for a Statler Stitcher Retreat which starts Thursday. I’ll be back to Yuma on Sunday.

It seems like we have a lot going on, but we will always try to find time for whatever friends want to meet up.

Sandie Dixon wrote about Rod Ivers problems and we wish him well. Rod is one of our good friends we met through Sandie and Jim here is Arizona.

Sorry I haven’t posted as regular as I should, but a lot of what we do seems pretty ho-hum and I don’t want to bore anyone.

Thanks for visiting.

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