Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Yuma, Arizona         High 90 Low 57

We have been staying busy at this Park. Almost too busy!

I’ve been doing shuffleboard, and Cindy has been doing the pottery making. Both of these are when we have time.

Last evening we had a dinner followed by square dance lessons. We don’t seem to get a lot of people to the square dance, but enough I guess.
Lots of different desserts.

Our entertainment.
I’ve had a bad tooth ache the last few days and decided to go to Algodones to see what could be done. The dentist told me she couldn’t see anything, but would take an x-ray to see what the problem was. After looking at the x-ray, she told me there was some bad news. The tooth would have to come out. It was abscessed and I would have to take anti-biotics and pain killers for the next three days and she could pull it Saturday. Then it had to heal for 2 to 3 month before anything else could be done as far as a bridge. So I had to tell her that the repair would have to wait until next fall.

Saturday is my birthday, so happy birthday, Ray. You get to have a tooth extraction, lucky me.

There were a lot of people in Algodones today and it took an hour to get back to the USA. I’ve had worse, but the last few times were a lot better.

This evening there was a dinner for all the volunteers in the Park. It was very good. We seem have a lot of dinners while we are here. Cindy says any meal she doesn’t have to fix is good.

We are enjoying our time here even though it is kind of warm, but that is a lot better than the cold and snow.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Happy Birthday Ray. Somehow, having a tooth pulled is not my idea of a birthday present. Time is sure flying by.

    1. Having a tooth out wouldn't be my first choice.

    2. Happy Birthday Ray and soon you will be pain free.
      Don' t eat to many more desserts, it's hard in the teeth.

  2. Happy Birthday Ray!!! Sorry about the tooth. That's not exactly my idea of a fun day of celebration!!