Saturday, February 6, 2016

Car Show

Yuma, Arizona         73 Low 52

Today there was a classic Car Show in our Park. There were lots of participants and people to see the cars.

The oldest was a 1919 Stutz Bearcat. The body was made from plywood and was probably the only original thing about the car. It had a Jeep frame and lots of other modifications.
My favorite was a 1937 Buick. It also had lots of modifications as explained on a poster by the car.

There were many trucks and even some Ford Model A’s with rumble seats. One had a V-8 engine and lots of other changes. There was at least one Model A that was original. Most of the cars had newer power trains and brake modifications. Several were for sale at a lot more money than they sold for when new.
I think the oldest Chevrolet was a 1949 sedan. I owned a 1947 when I was in high school.

There were 1955 Chevs and 1956’s that looked like the day they were driven off the dealer’s lot. A lot of work has gone into most of the cars.

There was an old Falcon with a hand fan stuck to the windshield that said it was the Falcon’s AC. Sorry no picture of that.

I enjoyed see all the old cars. Here are pictures of some of the others.

This Hudson looked like some of the ones we saw at the Hudson Museum in Shipshewana

This car wasn't that old, but was very fancy.

We both liked the grill.

Thanks for visiting.