Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fence Work

Yuma, Arizona         High 79 Low 52

It has been a little cooler here in Yuma the last two days. It also cooled off nicely at night which made for good sleeping.

Last week Penny got her hair cut and she changed color again. This time her back end is more brown than white, more of the copper color that we named her after.
We have wanted to fence in our front patio so that we didn’t feel like we were sitting on the road. We had to get the change approved by the Park Committee. At first we asked if we could go to the back of the curb and were denied, so we resubmitted showing the fence the 3 feet from the curb, which was what they wanted and were accepted.

The block layer got here Saturday, after putting me off for a while, and originally he told us it would take 2 days. But, he brought enough people that they were able to finish it in one day. He charged a lot less than I was expecting.

Today I got the bid for the powder coated steel and the price seems about right, so we are going ahead with it. He wasn’t sure he could get it finished before we leave for Riverton on the eleventh, so our neighbor might have to oversee the finishing of the project. She lives in the Park full time and assured me it would not be a problem.

We are also adding some gates to keep Penny in. She has got sneaky about going out the door when we go out. The gates will keep her in our yard and also keep the rabbits out.

We have been staying busy in the Park, but it is starting to look a little like a ghost town because of all the Canadians that have left to go home.

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  1. The 11th is still pretty early to head north for us. The front patio really looks great. I love the copper color on Penny.

  2. Penny is looking good and your patio is taking shape, we will have to get there and check it out this winter.

  3. Your patio looks awesome!!! Great job!!

  4. I can see what a difference the little wall makes. i thought you'd stay longer in Yuma.

  5. We are in Albuquerque and we have seen a bunch of Canadian plates, so the migration back to the north is definitely on.

    I think you will find that having the blocks three feet back will keep them from being hit. It sure looks nice.