Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cindy Has Been Busy

Yuma, Arizona           High 79 Low 54

The weather took a turn for the better. The last 2 days have been cooler and made for nice sleeping.

Cindy has been busy making quilts since we have been here. She finished 6 quilts and has worked on three others. The three, she has been working on for a while. 2 of them are called OH, my gosh! One is a hexagon paper pieced quilt that she hand sews while we are driving. One of the ones she finished is another color of Oh, my gosh. She made it into king size. The little 9 patches start out as 2 inch squares before being sewn into the quilt.
 These two have a ways to go, she plans on them being king size. one is Christmas colors, the other lighter colored than the one she finished.

 This is the hand sewn quilt.

This is the king size Oh, My Gosh.

The quarter is to give some idea of the size of the blocks.
Another one was a kit I bought her for Valentine’s Day. It was supposed to be a six month block of the month, but she finished it in 2 weeks.
The kit I got her. The white patches are supposed to be applique, but she wants fancy quilting.
This one is lap size.
Another king size.

Crib blanket using flannel.
Lap size Christmas quilt.
All this quilting is in between making pottery in the pottery shop. She can’t just sit and relax.

I almost forgot about the square dance lessons on Monday and Fridays.

I kind of am sorry our time here is drawing to a close, but I need to get some of her many quilts quilted. I’m probably only 30 or so behind.

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  1. My Cindy has been very busy, you need to catch up !

  2. Oh My Gosh isn't the right words for those quilts. Holy Cow and YIKES fit them better. Those are crazy complicated and even though I'm a quilter, I would NEVER attempt one. My hats off to you Cindy!!!

  3. All of the quilts are beautiful, but I especially love the tan, brown and black one with the leaves. Was that a kit? You have lots to do when you get home. Safe travels!

    1. Cindy says it was a kit but it is several years old.

  4. Wow, beautiful quilts. Cindy, you have a real gift of quilting. There should be some award for all your hard work. I hope you find good homes for all your beautiful quilts.