Saturday, March 12, 2016

Meeting Blogger Friends

Yuma, Arizona       High 73 Low 48

Last night we had very strong winds here. It blew a lot of leaves around. The upside is that the weather has been very pleasant.

George and Suzie Yates had to fly home for a while and had asked us if we would be kind enough to pick them up at the airport yesterday afternoon. We were more than happy to do it for them. Their flight was right on time.

George suggested he take us to Lin’s as thanks for picking him up. He also invited Suzie’s old boss, Dave and his wife Mandy, so the 6 of us drove to Lin’s for a very nice buffet and spent some time visiting.

Dave and Mandy are staying in The Palms where we are, but we hadn’t met them before.

We had to leave a little earlier than we would have liked, but we had a Canadian Concert to attend last evening. It highlighted the music of some famous Canadian singers, Paul Anka, Michael Buble,, Shinia Twain, and Celine Deon. They were very entertaining and we enjoyed the concert. The entertainers had a lot of audience participation. 

There was lots going on today, but I will save that for another post.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Thank you for picking us up at the airport and joining us at Lin's for the buffet.
    Sounds like the Concert was wonderful.
    Windy here too, no leaves just dust.

  2. You're always there to help people.