Sunday, March 13, 2016

Canada Days at The Palms

Yuma, Arizona         High 79 Low 55

The weather yesterday and today have been almost perfect.

The concert Friday night was called Oh! Canada. Saturday had a parade where lots of the Canadian residents of this park dressed up and many carried banners showing several of their provinces.

Our neighbor is the one on the right hold the banner.

The parade was led by a bag-pipe and drum brigade of the Yuma Fire Department. They were quite good and everyone seemed to enjoy both the Brigade and the parade which went through some of the Park. A lot of our friends were in the parade.

After the parade the Park put on a burger bash with live entertainment. A lot of people showed up for the burger bash.

Cindy went to the pottery studio and worked on some of her pottery plates. She is getting a lot better at it than at first. And she seems to be enjoying doing it.
The tall one in the middle of the right side is Cindy's.
Last night we finished up the day with another square dance lesson. The calls seem to be getting more complex and the caller is trying to get everyone ready for the season wind up.

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