Monday, March 28, 2016

Great Yard Sale Find

Yuma, Arizona        High 81 Low 52

The weather has been very nice. It is supposed to get cooler for the next few days.

We have been staying busy here in the Park. A lot of the winter visitors have left for colder areas already. It seems like a few leave every day. I am still playing shuffleboard 3 times a week, but the number of players is way down from a while ago. This morning we only used 4 courts of 14.

The pottery class is over for the year and so Cindy is through making pottery for the year.

We went to a yard sale last Friday and found a nice patio set for what we thought was a reasonable price. We had to have some neighbors in the Park go with us in their truck to pick it up. Saturday we found another yard sale where the man running it was moving to Australia and he had some good prices and the more you bought the lower the prices got. The neighbors that helped with the patio set had asked us to watch for some Corell plates and he had some, so we came back and got them and took them with us to see if it was something she was interested in. It was, and she ended up buying plates and some other things. So it turned out that all 4 of us were happy to have gone to the yard sale.
The yard sale we got the patio set from, the couple had just bought a furnished home and the patio set was  extra. He told us he had just purchased the cushions in December. We have sat in the chairs a few times and thy are nice and comfy.

Our grandson, Devon, is graduating from cub-scouts on the 12th of April and we told him we would try to be there, so that is why we are leaving when we are. We both have enjoyed our time here and like I keep telling Cindy “It’s a tough life, but somebody has to do it”.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. The patio set really looks good on your patio. You done good.

  2. Nice looking patio set.
    Travel safe in the way home.

  3. Don't you love it when you find something like that?

  4. What an awesome garage sale find!!