Monday, September 9, 2013

Chinook, Washington September 9, 2013

Today we drove to the top of the peninsula just to see what was there. We stopped at the Cranberry Museum, where you can learn everything about cranberries you ever wanted to know, and more. It was interesting to see the way they grow cranberries. They looked like flat sandy plots, but were labeled bogs. They had signs that said they could be picked dry or wet like we see in the Ocean Spray commercials. From what we saw in the museum, picking the cranberries is a lot of work.

This was only one of the shell piles.

 We continued to Oysterville, and saw some of the old buildings. We also saw large piles of oyster shells. It kind of made us wonder what they did with the shells besides just pile them up.

Old church in Oysterville.

On the way up and back to Chinook, we kept 
seeing more of the old cars. The old car thing here really must be big, because there seemed to still be a lot of them here.

When we got back to Chinook we went to the dock and got pictures of some of the boats that are docked here.

In the distance, you can see Astoria and the bridge.
Getting the crabs ready for us.

 We also went to a fish sales store and bought two crabs for dinner tonight. We don’t have any nut crackers with us so Cindy used a hammer to break some of the shells. The crab was very good. We also had the rest of the corn we bought yesterday.

We will head for home tomorrow, but are going to stop at Fabric Depot in Portland on the way. Cindy wants some Batiks for one of the patterns she bought, and they have a 25% sale on everything in the store tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Thanks for visiting.

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Loyce Ivers. We had only met her once on our trip to Arizona last winter, but she and Rod seemed like good people. I’m sure this time is hard for you, Rod, but you have our heartfelt condolences. 

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  1. I used to know some cranberry farmers and it was interesting to listen to them talk about how they grew them. I don't think two crabs would give us enough meat. All that work for not much meat but I love it.