Friday, September 20, 2013

Quilt Show September 19, 2013

Yesterday I wrote that I was having computer troubles. Judy suggested that I write to Rick and see if he could help me. He soon wrote back and said from what I had told him, to try going to the start menu or even right click on the short cut. When I did that there was a button to open with, which then gave me 3 options, one of which was the Microsoft Office place that was causing the problem. When I open it in one of the other options, the file would open. So it also gave me the option of changing the default setting, which I did. When I did that the problem was gone. Thanks Judy for suggesting I ask Rick, and especially thanks Rick for helping me overcome the problem.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a Quilt Open House. It was held in the home of Jill Finley of Jillily Studios. They live in an upscale neighbor hood in the foothills of Herriman, Utah. Maybe it was just for the show, but her home had quilts everywhere you could imagine. There was even a quilted shower curtain in one of the bathrooms.

There was a sewing room that would be the envy of anyone. It is a very large room with a 40 by 80 cutting mat. That is about the largest mat I remember seeing. (I have several mats that I put on top of the ping pong table, which is on top of our pool table. The pool table has had more use as a cutting table than it ever did as a pool table.)

They also had treats which were cookies and all kinds of pies. Of course I had to try a piece of Lemon  pie before I got into the serious business of the open house.

One of the vendors got talking to us and found out I have a Gammel quilting machine with a Statler stitcher  and said her husband was in the process of getting one, but was very nervous about using it, and would I talk to him when he got there. I told her I would, and after he got to the show, I showed him some of what can be done with the machine, and reassured him that where he is buying it have very good support and classes on using the machine and computer. Hopefully he isn't quite as nervous as he was.

We got to look in every room in the home, and the tulip quilt that was hanging outside was probably my favorite. Cindy also got pictures of their view of the valley, and lots of pictures of all the quilts.

Of course all this made me hungry and when they offered me another piece of pie I couldn't refuse.
This is any interesting pattern.

Her view from the porch.

 It didn't take Cindy long to find what will probably turn out to be a new way to embellish her quilts.. She tried out a hand embroidery needle and ended up buying one. I have to admit the pictures that were put on with the needle we kind of neat.

This one was my favorite.

"Life is short, eat desert first."
The first quilted shower curtain I have ever seen.

 Cindy really likes this fold up Iron mat and wants to make one like it.

I am going to let most of the picture speak for themselves. Thanks for visiting.


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  1. So glad it was an easy fix! I need to keep Rick's name close!