Saturday, September 21, 2013

Riverton, Utah September 21, 2013

We started out the day yesterday by going to 2 estate sales and a couple of yard sales. We managed to leave without buying anything.

We had an appointment with Stephanie and Pat and their Realtor to look at some new homes in Santaquin (a small town in southern Utah county). The homes were sold, but would give us an idea of what to expect from the builder, and they wanted my input as to the construction. For the price the builder is charging, I think they are getting a quality home for a reasonable price. It is a little far from their work, however.

Before the appointment, there was a yard sale that had advertised fabric which was on the way, so we went to see what they had. A lot of the fabric Cindy didn't want, but she found two pieces that were almost a yard. She offered the lady 50 cents and she said sure. I can't think of anywhere else she can buy a yard of fabric for that price.

We didn't get to see the model that they finally settled on, but it would be easy to make the changes they want.

We had another appointment to see one that was for sale, but had a while to wait, so Cindy and I went to another fabric store nearby that we had never been in before. Again we didn't buy anything.

The home we looked at was a little small and they didn't like the floor plan, so we are going  back to the builder.

We came home and found the builders web site and printed the floor plans. Pat and I then made the changes he wanted. We finally got hold of our Realtor and found out that the plan the other Realtor suggested was, indeed, within their budget so we went to see our Realtor. Pat submitted an offer and now we are waiting to see what the builder has to say about the changes and the total price. 

It was a very long day yesterday, but we hope that Pat and Stephanie will be able to get into their new home, even if I can't be their builder. They both are highly stressed because they are down to the wire before they loose their loan. Cindy and I both hope it turns out OK.

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