Monday, September 2, 2013

Evergreen Park, Washington September 2, 2013

At the Entrance.
Today was Labor Day. The day was nice, but partly cloudy. This morning all I did was walk around the Park and take some pictures, and wash the truck at the camp car wash, while Cindy ran her embroidery machine.

Looking down the driveway.

This lady has beans and corn in pots. She told us she has got quite a lot of Vegetables so far.

By the Club House.

The Club House.

Totem pole by the Club House.

Lots of flags out for Labor Day.

They had a good turn out.
The Park had a Labor Day lunch scheduled for 1:00 which we went to. Lunch actually started at 2:00, but we had time to talk to some of the other Escapees who lived here, or were in the process of moving here.

 The couple parked next to us in the camp ground said they had finally made it to spot #1 and were excited about finally getting to have their own lot here. They said they have been on the waiting list since 2007. We had looked at the list and there is a waiting list of 140 names, a lot of which have waited since 2007. It must be a popular park to have to wait that long. The Park of the Sierras told us that most people on the waiting list were on it less than one year, but it coast 1 1/2 times as much to go into the one in California, and they are in the mountains and get a lot worse winter than here. When we were in Congress last winter, there were a lot of lots for sale, but I think it would be too hot in the summer.

The lunch was hamburgers with all the trimmings, and turned out to be a lot to eat. We were glad we came and got to talk to some of the people that live here.

Not much else going on. We move down the coast about 140 miles tomorrow to Copalis Beach.

Thanks for visiting.

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