Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We Saw Bears

Smithers, British Columbia         High 66 Low 43

I haven’t been able to post the last few days for lack of internet.

Monday we drove to Prince Rupert. It was a nice day and Cindy got lots of pictures of the drive. Linda had checked with the Bear Tour Office and asked if there was anywhere to stay with the RVs overnight and was assured that we could. But when we got there wasn’t any place in town even close to park something as big as we are.

For second choice we went over to the RV Park in Port Edward that she had reserved for Tuesday night and found that it not only was hard to get to the sites, but most didn’t have sewer. So we ended up going the Prince Rupert RV Park. It was way more expensive than we are used to and the sites are so sloped front to back that we both had problems getting level. The management is not too accommodating and charged us extra and we had to park in the boondock sites at 7:00 in the morning if we would not be back by 11:00. The tour didn’t end until 3:30.

One couple want to stay until time to catch their 2:00 Ferry, and he made them pay an extra day. I wouldn’t ever go back to either of the RV Parks if ever in Prince Rupert again.

We wanted to see the North Pacific Cannery today and ended up staying at a small convenience store in Port Edward. They had a large lot and were very nice to let us stay overnight.

We had to be at the Cruise office by 7:30 yesterday to go see the bears. The boat left promptly at 8:00. The sea was a little rough and I get sea-sick, so they gave me some non-drowsy Dramamine.

Cindy's mom with a blanket they loaned her.

The non-drowsy worked for a while.
Our first stop was at an island that had lots of harbor seals on it. We got some nice pictures of the seals.

We then went through a place where there were a lot of fishermen out with their nets and they had to wind their way through all the nets.

A little village accessible by boat or sea plane.
We soon got to the Bear Preserve and started seeing bears. A lot of them were in grassy fields eating the grass. The males seemed a lot more skittish than the females, but looked to be a lot fatter than the females. We got to see a lot of bears through the cruise and lots of other sights.

The floating Ranger Station at the end of the Bear Sanctuary.

This map shows where we went, By the red Arrow is the Ranger Station. Alaska was about 10 miles to the left.

This is the 3 year old that got chased away. He can see his mother in the next field.

One the way back, the boat went close to an island that had lots of Bald Eagles on it and they called to the eagles and fed them, but I will talk about the Eagles on my next post.

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  1. Neither campground sound too appealing. I have a Pinterest board for cg's that have been recommended. Maybe I need to start one for campgrounds where I don't want to stay. Are those bears thin from winter hibernation? One of the bears looked pretty bad. Poor thing.

    1. The one that looked the worst had recently chased her 3 year old baby away and they told us that all the females were in heat. They haven't been out of hibernation very long.

  2. I just LOVE that country!! Almost every town has a library that has internet service for free. We stopped in at many of them ... very nice people by the way ... to get our blogs posted!!

  3. I thought the bears were looking pretty skinny also. But after being in hibernation I guess they would be thin.

  4. I hope that one bear gets some groceries in her belly! Loved the photos!