Sunday, June 14, 2015

Happy Anniversary

Smithers, British Columbia             High 66 Low 46

Today is Cindy and my 18th  wedding anniversary. As our profile states: we met on a blind date set up by my sister, who worked with Cindy.

We have had our good and bad times, but way more good than bad. I’ll bet that every couple has a few problems occasionally.  At the time I met Cindy, I was going through a rough divorce and she didn’t really want to get married again. Now 20 plus years later, we are still together and if possible, I love her more now than ever.

A couple of days ago Cindy was reaching into the back seat to pick up Penny and put too much weight on her rib and cracked it. She has been in pain since, but today seems to be worse. This is the third time she has hurt the same rib. She tells me she has the bones of an 80 year old according to her Doctor.

This morning we left Prince George and had a nice drive to Smithers and are presently staying at a shopping mall by Safeway. We are by a closed down shop. Luckily we got here when we did, because a lot of other RVs came in right after us.

Tomorrow we leave for Prince Rupert to get ready for our Bear Tour on Tuesday morning.

After looking at my posts on Chetwynd, Cindy wanted me to put more of the Chainsaw carvings and sights around town on this post, so here are a few more. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

How about the unusual name for the cowboy church?

This is by the skate and bike park by the carvers.

This was the start of the alien. 

The little girl is petting Penny (that you can't see).

This was also in the city library.

Ornate bench!

Lots of detail.

Inside the Visitors Centre.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! I hope that Cindy's rib will fill better soon. I hurt my rib last summer and I remember how long it took to heal.

    Some of those carvings are fantastic! Have fun on your tour.