Thursday, June 18, 2015

Eagles Here, Eagles There, Eagles Everywhere

Prince George, British Columbia           High 66 Low 46

Today we drove from Smithers to Prince George. We had a little rain on our way. When we got here the sun was shining and it turned into a nice day.

We are back at the Treasure Cove Casino and tonight we will try our luck with their money. What do we have to lose?

Toward the end of our Grizzly Bear cruise, the boat went by an island that the crew told us had many Bald Eagles on it and that they fed them a little bit this time of year. They quit when the salmon run is on. When we stopped off the island, one of the crew called the eagles. And boy, did they come. We had so many Eagles flying around the boat that it was impossible to count.

6 Eagles.

This is one of the young Eagles.

The boat we took the cruise on.

Some of the scenery.
We were told that some of the eagles were young and hadn’t developed the white head and tail feathers. After a little while we got so we could tell some of the young ones apart. One of the crew told us that there weren’t more young Eagles because they haven’t learned to dive into the water and get the food.

Cindy got some magnificent pictures of the Eagles. One of my pictures had what I thought was 5 Eagles on it, but when I looked closer, there are actually 6.

We had a lot of fun watching and trying to take pictures of all the Eagles.

I will put some pictures of the old salmon cannery on tomorrows post.

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  1. What an amazing boat trip. The bear and eagle pictures are amazing!!