Friday, June 12, 2015

More Chainsaw Carving

Chetwynd, British Columbia             High 63 Low 46

It rain a light rain most of the night. By noon it was still cloudy and cool, but the rain had stopped, so we went back to the Chainsaw Carving.

Today we could at least see what the carvers were trying to make. These guys are really talented with the chainsaws.  

One that from the side of the fence we were allowed on had the back of a log to us. I had to walk clear around the other side of the field to see what he was carving and found out it was a bear with her cub in a cave.

We got to see a lot more vendors and stuff they were selling, but I’m afraid we were not in the market for a wooden rocking chair. Some of the things being sold have nothing to do with wood carving, but that’s the way of every competition.

After we left the carvers we drove around town and got some more pictures of the old carvings. Some of them are very detailed.

This was 1st place in 2006.

The chain on the dragon is out of the same block of wood.

Look at the detail on this crocodile and he only got 2nd.

Realistic claws.

Cindy took a picture of where we are parked in Caron Creek RV Park. We are about 10 miles south of Chetwynd.
Tomorrow we are planning on driving to Prince George so we won’t be able to get back to see the Chainsaws at work.

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  1. Those carvings are spectacular!!! I think the chair would go in my rig quite nicely!!