Saturday, June 20, 2015

Must Have Been a Senior Moment

Hinton, Alberta           High 65 Low 45

It rained most of the night and more than half way here. We left Prince George at about 8:30 and Mable said we had about a 4 hour drive.

We saw a lot of Highway 16 that we hadn’t seen before. There were glaciers and some of the mountains and we followed a river for a ways.

Just before we got to Alberta the sun finally came out and Cindy was finally able to get some good pictures.

We saw several deer, but they were running across the highway too fast to get any pictures.

After we went through Jasper we saw cars stopped ahead of us and when we got there two buck elk we eating right by the road. One of them came up to almost where we were parked. Cindy was able to get some fantastic shots. I was hesitant to start the truck because I was afraid the elk would get scared and leave and disappoint all the other people, but when I finally got going the elk didn’t seem to mind.

We then drove about 10 miles and saw some more cars stopped, and there was a mountain goat eating on the side of the road. We watched her for a little while and went about 1/4 of a mile and more cars were stopped. We saw a baby goat on the hillside, so I stopped and got out to take its picture. I was busy taking pictures and Cindy indicated I needed to get in the truck. When I turned around the mother goat was right behind me. Her baby, on the hillside, had been calling to her and she had ran the 1/4 of a mile to see what was the problem.

We are now in Camp Walmart in Hinton. While it was such a nice a nice day, I decided to fix an electrical short we got while on this trip. We had no 110 volts to our bedroom and we had smelled burned wires. It took a little work to get the cover off the bottom and back of the trailer, and I found one of the original connections burned and shorted together. I was able to repair it. The connection was one of the type Mac The Fire Guy told us weren't safe. The wires just press into some prongs with not firm connection.

Now the senior moment: last night our batteries were getting low because of no sunlight  and when I went to start the generator, I found the propane bottle we have been using had run out. So I turned on the other bottle. The generator still wouldn’t stay running, so I change the empty bottle for a full one. The two way valve was set for the one I put in, but I forgot to turn on the bottle. Evidentially, the two way valve lets a little propane come through because the heater and stove worked, just couldn’t get the generator to stay running. I was thinking I had something wrong with the generator. Today when I turned off the propane, I noticed the bottle the valve was aimed at was turned off and the one on the other side was on. Talk about a duh moment. When we got here and tried everything, guess what? Everything worked as it was supposed to.

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  1. The baby is so cute but Mom could have done some damage with a head butt so I'm glad you got back in the truck. Good job with the propane - I think we've done that before. Too many duh moments to remember. lol