Sunday, July 17, 2016

We Are Still Here

Riverton, Utah       High 97 Low 68

It is still hot here. We are wishing for some of the cool weather we had on the Coast, although I guess they have had a lot of rain for the last few days.

We have been busy working around the house getting lots of things done. I also started working on one of Cindy’s quilts. It is going to take a while. We have started picking apricots and Cindy started making them into syrup. The jam comes next. When I look at the tree, I can hardly tell that I’ve picked any. There are still a lot of apricots left to harvest. Cindy was picking up one of the bottles of syrup when it slipped. The lid came off spilling hot syrup on her arm and face. Right now she is hurting from the burns. She wants me to handle the hot jars from now on.

My next job, in between picking apricots, is to get bird netting on the grapes so we can have them instead of the birds. We have a large Bing cherry tree, but when we got home all that was left was pits hanging on stems. The birds don’t even wait for them to get ripe. They would do the same thing with the grapes if I didn’t cover them. The tree is too big to put net over all of it. Next year I might try netting a few branches. Fortunately I can cover all the grapes.

 Friday our granddaughter turned 10. We had a party for her yesterday with Cindy’s kids and Alysia’s cousins. We had quite a few people here. For a while there was a lot of noise and everyone seemed to have fun. It wasn’t too hot on the patio yesterday, but would have been warmer today.

6 year old Taylor. Notice the missing teeth.
Skyler and Taylor with their mother (Heather). Tammy in the back ground.
The birthday girl, Alysia. Stephanie in the background.

Skyler sure likes Penny, Penny doesn't like Skyler so much, she kept trying to get away.

Taidan and Teesa. He is taller than his dad, who is over 6 feet tall.
That’s about all that has been going on.

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  1. Wish I was there to help with the apricots. I love them. But I wouldn't be any use with lifting hot jars.

  2. Glad to see you didn't give up on us. Also glad to see you enjoying family time.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Have you tried hanging old cd discs on a string, or shiny stuff that blows?

  4. Ooohh OUCH! I never lift my hot jars ... I leave them sitting on a towel on the table while I tighten the lids. If I need to move them while still hot, I use those special tongs or place a towel over each one. Sounds like her back is better however, and that's a GOOD thing!!