Saturday, July 2, 2016

We Are In Idaho

Sagle, Idaho            High 79 Low 55

We left Washington and Headed toward Spokane, where we stayed the night before continuing on to Sagle, a small town just outside of Sandpoint, Idaho.

Before we left Randle, we noticed one of the campground peacocks by one of our neighbors. This peacock was so tame that it would eat out of the ladies hand. They told us they called this one Pete and there is another male that they call Repete. Pete didn’t seem at all afraid of us and just went on eating.

In the morning we left and started toward Yakima and before we got too many miles we started to notice the scenery changing from trees and lake to sagebrush and dry.

This looks just like a lot of Utah.
When we got near Yakima, we noticed many acres of pole-beans. There were also lots of apple trees.

The closer we got to Spokane, the more evergreen trees there were. We had decided to stay at the Northern Quest Casino, as it was RV friendly. When we woke up, there were about 2 dozen RVs throughout the large parking lot. A lot of the perimeter is painted for RV parking and marked RV. There also were several large trucks, but they seemed to have their own area so we had a quiet night.

After we arrived we got the trailer set up and then went and found one of the local quilt stores. The only thing we left with was the free Row by Row pattern. I then went and filled the truck at a station belonging to one of the Indian tribes. It was near the Casino and diesel was 15 cents a gallon less than anywhere else I found on Gas Buddy.

Yesterday morning we left Spokane and made it to Sagle. We are staying in my daughter Sabrina’s driveway. Last night Sabrina and Ken took us to a restaurant on their boat. I was about a 20 minute ride on what I thought was part of Lake Pend Oreille, but Ken told me it is part of the Priest River and the Lake doesn’t start until the other side of the train tracks which we went near getting to the restaurant.

The Restaurant we boated to. 

My daughter Sabrina and son-in-law Ken.

Cindy got this bird looking at us as we went by.

Sabrina and Ken's house on the River. They seem to have lots of Canadian Geese come and visit and help fertilize their grass.
No, Penny isn't spoiled (much).
Today we went blue berry picking, but I’ll wait for another post before talking about that.

I saw that Jim and Sandy Dixon lost one of their dogs today and feel sorry for their lose. It is always hard to have one of you fur babies pass away.

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  1. Give Penny a special hug for me tonight.

  2. Sad about Jim and Sandie's dog so hard to lose a pet.
    Love the tame peacock.