Sunday, July 3, 2016

Blue Berries

Sagle, Idaho          High 79 Low 46

We have had some cooler weather here than it was Friday. It definitely is a welcome change.

We went picking Blue berries yesterday. I don’t remember how many acres there are, but with the 6 varieties there, there are many blue berry bushes. We probably paid a little more than what we would have in the grocery stores, but these had a lot more flavor than store bought. Besides we got to eat some as we picked. A little daughter of the owner told us the first rule was to eat as many as you put in your bucket, but that wasn’t possible.

Sabrina talking to the owner.

Cindy's and my gallon.

Cindy sorting out the bad berries and leaves.

 Sabrina pouring berries into bags.
We ended up with about 15 pounds of blue berries. After we got back home, Cindy made most of them into freezer syrup. She also made some of it into blueberry butter. We put the syrup in our freezer for later use.

I’m afraid Cindy over-did, because she was hurting last night. She seems better today, but has decided to spend a day or two longer getting back to Utah.

Sabrina has something going on the next two nights and there is a parade in Sandpoint tomorrow.

Tuesday morning Penny has an appointment with the groomer to get a haircut. She is getting kind of shaggy because it is going on to four months since her last hair cut in Yuma. It was so cold going up the coast that we thought she would freeze if we got it cut sooner. Now that summer is here she will do better.

Wednesday we start heading back to Riverton.

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  1. That'a a lot of Blueberries, but will be so nice to have.
    Take your time and enjoy the s trip .

  2. Are you going to Goshen this year?