Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Big Sky Country

Deer Lodge, Montana        High 66 Low 37

Monday night Ken took a group of us out on the Lake to watch the fireworks. We saw a lot of fireworks going up in one corner of the bay that Ken told us was where a local dentist lived. We stopped and watched his fireworks display which went on for at least 30 minutes,

After a while we changed locations and watched the fireworks being set off by the City of Sandpoint. It only lasted about 15 minutes. Even though the city fireworks were larger, we all enjoyed the private display better.

First thing yesterday morning we took Penny to the groomers. She remembered the place and wanted to leave as soon as we got out of the truck. But the groomer told us that she got along well with her after she talked and cuddled her for a little while. Today she acted like she was freezing to death because of the lack of all the hair.
Penny after her haircut.
Yesterday Sabrina took us to the Bird Aviation and Discovery Museum. It wasn’t large, but had a lot of information about airplanes, helicopters, and a lot of other inventions.

We were told that it all started from Dr. Forrest Bird getting a large model airplane, which he flew once and then decided to put it in a display case. That turned into putting the display case in a large building which grew to what it is today. We only spent about an hour going through it, but could have easily spent more time. Dr. Bird was a pilot and was interested in all things about planes.
This model helicopter started it all.
Peddle car hanging from the ceiling.

This morning we left Ken and Sabrina fairly early (for us) because rain was predicted for later in the morning and we were going into Mountain Time which lost us an hour. As it turned out, we had rain off and on all the way.
Part of the scenery.
About half way to Deer Lodge, our Tire Pressure Monitor went off and showed that the right rear tire on the trailer was losing air. We found a place to pull over before it went completely flat and I put the spare on. It has what looks like a large screw in it, which I will have repaired tomorrow. This is the third time that the TPM has saved us. This time the tire looks like it will be OK with just a patch.
Here I am starting to change the tire.
We are staying at Indian Creek Campground. We will be here for two nights before heading closer to Utah. It looks like it will be quite cold here tonight. 37, burr.

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  1. Always love a good fireworks display.
    Nice that you caught the tire in time.