Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Birds

Riverton, Utah         High 95 Low 70

It’s a good thing for air conditioning! It has been too hot to sleep at night lately. The next few days are going to be even hotter. Salt Lake City has set a few new records.

I have spent the last few days working on getting nets around the grapes. I had Devon help me one day. We could only work on it for a while in the morning until it got too hot and so it took me a lot longer than I really wanted. When the grapes were smaller, I built 9 foot frames around the grapes,but they have grown so big that I had to make new 10 foot high frames.

The finished frame.
I finally finished putting all the bird net on the cage this morning.  It was good to get done because I had to chase some robins and black birds away while I finished installing it. We have quite a few grapes this years and Cindy wants to make grape juice from them. They probably won’t be ready until late September.
We have been working on putting up apricot jam and syrup. Cindy’s burns have slowed her down and I’ve had to pick the apricots in between building the cage for the grapes and quilting and whatever else needs doing outside until it gets too warm.

The apricots are ready, especially the top ones, and the birds seem to like them. They have knocked a lot down after only taking a few bites. We have picked up about 5 gallons of over-ripe and partially eaten fruit. It’s a good thing the tree is loaded this year. One branch was so heavy that it broke and will have to be cut off after the fruit is picked.

Every day when we go out the sidewalk looks like this. We are constantly picking them up.
Riverton City turned off the secondary water because of an algae problem in Utah Lake where it comes from. They don’t seem to know when it will be turned back on, so we have had to hand water everything with culinary water which costs us a lot more. Not to mention how dry everything is getting because of the heat.

In spite of wishing I were some where cooler, it is a good thing we are home.

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  1. Good heavens, that's a LOT of fruit!!!

  2. You must really doing a lot of watering because I know fruit likes water and yours are really going to town this year. Hope Cindy's burns are healing. It's hot up here in Montana but it's much better here than anywhere else in the country right now.