Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We Made It to Balloon Fiesta With the Boomer

Albuquerque, New Mexico    High 88 Low 63

It is quite warm here, which is way above average.

We made it to the Balloon Fiesta grounds after a very short 30 minute drive. We are parked in a special area with the other Escapee Boomers. The sites, of course, are boon docking. So far our solar has taken care of our needs, but tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer.

This afternoon we had a happy hour (more like happy three hours) with all the other Boomers. Our pilot was there and we got to meet him and his crew chief, as well as the other members of our crew from the Boomers. The pilot and crew chief answered a lot of questions from the audience.

We thought we might get tomorrow and Friday off, but they want to test their balloon out in the morning. The balloon has to be inspected every year, and the pilot just picked it up today and wants to get everything ready for the actual Balloon Fiesta. He told us that the inspection process always leaves something to be made right, knots in the ropes and so on.

The actual Balloon Fiesta doesn't start until Saturday.

In addition, they want to go to one of the local elementary schools on Friday, and inflate the balloon for the schools kids.

So we will be getting up early both days and help any way we can. On Friday we want to go to the Balloon Museum.  It is supposed to be worth seeing.

We have a few pictures from happy hour, but the internet isn’t that great, so I will wait to put them on another post.

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  1. There will be lots of early mornings, but it's worth it. Most times the pilots offer their crew a ride if they can fit it in. Be sure and take them up on it. It's not near as scary as it looks and loads of fun!!

    I set my generator to come on automatically ... worked perfect!!

  2. Looking forward to some great balloon pictures:)