Thursday, September 17, 2015

Plans Still Up in The Air

Riverton, Utah     High 68 Low 45

Still a bit chilly for the time of the year. I heard on the TV that temperatures are 15 degrees cooler than normal.

Cindy's Mom was scheduled to move from Intensive Care back to the regular part of the hospital. When the doctor looked at the veins and arteries in her heart, they said that they are so bad that nothing could be done. Cindy said her color looked better, but today when they had her walk a little bit, she got tired really quick. By the way, she is 87 years old, with diabetes.

It has been decided that the trip to Florida will have to wait, so for now we are not doing that. I spent some time this morning cancelling reservations.

Cindy says if her Mom is still in the hospital, we probably won't be going to Albuquerque either. The doctors don't seem to have a very good prognosis for her Mom. We will have to decide whether we are going by the end of next week.

I have spent some time quilting some of Cindy's quilts and have got a few done. I have had a cold and so I haven't been to Provo to see my Mother-in-law. I am feeling better and may go tomorrow or Saturday.

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