Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Trip to Albuquerque is On

Riverton, Utah     High 70 Low 46

The weather the last 2 days has been delightful.

My Mother-in-law moved from the hospital to a rehab center that specializes in heart patients. She got moved in last night and we spent some time with her.

We went to see her today and they had her in physical therapy when we got there. She was exercising a little bit. When the therapist asked her to stand, she was able to do it, but was weak. She seems alert enough and is having lots of visitors.

We have decided to leave on our trip to the Balloon Festival and hope everything will be OK. We are scheduled to leave next Saturday and kind of take our time getting to Albuquerque. We are supposed to be there on Wednesday the 30th.

Judy (Cool Judy) sent a list of Balloon crew assignments. We are assigned to a balloon named Slainte, which from the internet means good health from ancient Irish. It sounds like it will be fun, although a lot of work.

The trip to Florida had to be cancelled because Cindy's Mom won't be strong enough for it. They are still hoping later.

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  1. Glad to hear Mom is doing better. And really excited for you guys to go to Alb. Be safe.

  2. I'm so happy she's doing better and you are still able to enjoy the festival. Say 'hello" to Mike and Maureen, this will be their first balloon festival.

  3. Glad to hear she is doing better. You're going to love Albuquerque!! Lots of great pictures to be found there!! Wish I could change my plans and be there! It's not work, it's fun ... except for that part about being on the field by 6:00 am!!!

  4. Glad to hear Cindy's Mom is doing better.